Wilstead Players' Newsletter

Along with everyone else we have become 'victims' of the Covid-19 outbreak even if we haven't actually caught it – at least we are not aware of any of our members or friends contracting the illness.

Of course, by now I should think you will all be aware that our fantastic production of 'The Wizard of Oz' had to be postponed the day before the dress rehearsal.  We are hopeful that we shall be able to perform the play at a later stage and ask those of you who bought tickets to bear with us until things become clearer.  We are sad to let down our capacity audiences but there was no other course of action.

We feel we have contacted most of the people who purchased tickets, but there will inevitably be some who escaped the net.  If you are happy to transfer your tickets to a future production, that is fine, providing the new date is suitable for you.  If for any reason you would like a refund, please contact the Box Office, Bedford 740782, or myself.

Obviously, as the performances of 'The Wizard of Oz' are up in the air, our September Comedy Night is also and the proposed auditions next Wednesday, 25th March are now cancelled.

As the crisis evolves, things change so, please keep an eye on our website, contact myself or The Players on wilsteadplayers@virginmedia.com

Keep well everyone and don't forget to wash those hands!

Colin West

Chairman/Secretary – Wilstead Players

01234 743752


March 2020

A scene from the 1971 review.

Do you recognise anyone?