Wilstead Players' Newsletter

There is very little Players' news to impart since my last Newsletter.  The Covid 19 pandemic has been very prevalent in our lives and we have all had to self-isolate, which has meant all future plans have been abandoned for the time being.  We should be holding our Annual General Meeting some time this month and Committee Meetings have not been held for obvious reasons.  Somebody suggested a 'virtual' meeting, but like many other Committee Members, I am of the older generation and wouldn't be able to cope with such a phenomenon!

Although I reported in my last Newsletter, we were not aware of any of our members or friends contracting Covid 19, I am afraid the situation is different in this Newsletter.  I regret to report that John Bromley, who many of you will know sat at the rear of the hall during our productions, succumbed and died on the 27th March in Bedford Hospital.  He had been a Member and Patron since the mid nineteen-eighties and in all that time was the brains behind the lighting and sound departments for us.  His last show was 'The Lady Vanishes' which was very successful in both the departments with which John was involved.  He was indeed working on the most recent production 'The Wizard of Oz', when taken ill.  He will be sadly missed.

In the meantime, as everything is 'on hold', it might be appropriate to tell people a little about our group and its history.  The Players were formed in 1971 and put on Reviews, Plays and Pantomimes in the old 'old' Village Hall!  The 'stage' was then barely a platform, being about twelve inches high, and to access it from the only 'dressing room' area, the actors had to climb up and crawl through the hatch to the old kitchen!  This old hall was then extended to give a proper stage area and an extra passageway beside the kitchen to a space at the side of the stage.  All this, of course, changed again when this old Hall was demolished and the new one built in 2004.

The Players have continued throughout the years adding Old Tyme Music Halls and Murder Mystery Dinner Evenings to their repertoire.  They have enjoyed considerable successes in past years in competitive Drama Festivals, both locally and nationally.

As the Members involved have come and gone, we are always keen to welcome new people into the group.  If you are interested, do please get in touch.  When we emerge from this pandemic, we hope to be up and running again with both adult and youth groups.

As the crisis evolves, things change so, please keep an eye on our website, contact myself or The Players on wilsteadplayers@virginmedia.com .

Colin West

Chairman/Secretary – Wilstead Players

01234 743752


June 2020

A scene from the 1971 review.

Do you recognise anyone?