How to use this website (members)

The menu at the top (under the banner*) takes you to a static page – such as the Committee members, The Village Hall location etc. Usually these pages don’t need updating very often apart from the annual(?) change of club officers. This will be done by the web editor.

The main part of the Home page is a ‘blog’ – a list of the most recent ‘posts’ that committee members have added*. These extracts show some of the first paragraph in the posting and often are accompanied by a photo. When you click on the header of a post, the full post opens in a static page. These can display multiple photos, lists and tables and there are many types of layout available. If you select ‘Home’ on the top menu you return to the list again.

All posts are sorted into categories and a list of current subjects are shown in the panel on the right hand side of the page. If you select one of these, all posts in that category are listed – such as ‘Past Productions’. They are also in reverse date order (last post first).

An important post, such as a Forthcoming Production, can be marked so it stays near the top of the list.

  • contributors can add and edit their contributions online by clicking on ‘Log In’ and entering their password. Their posts can be saved as a draft before being published (visible on the website) if required. This method avoid the necessity of having a web design program installed on your computer. It also allows for several people to contribute.  Notes will be given to contributors with full instructions of how to add a post. Whilst the website is being developed, contributions can be sent by email to Alan Hawkins, the web editor to be published.
  • Any sugestions or queries regarding the content can be sent to him also to make sure the website meets the needs of the society.

*on a small display (such on a smartphone) the menu is accessed via a menu symbol (3 short horizontal lines) at the top right. The panel, that is on the right on larger screens, is at the bottom of the page on a small screen device.