John L Bromley – Obituary

John first became involved with The Players in the mid-eighties when his children, Sara and Jonathan, began to appear on stage.  John, in support, offered his services in the Lighting and Sound department and it quickly became apparent that he had no small expertise in this area.  From then on, whether or not Sara and Jonathan were appearing on stage, John was always involved at the back of the Hall behind the Technical Desk.  Sometimes one or other of his offspring, or another of the Young Players, would be his ‘extra pair of hands’, but he was always in charge.

He was also helpful in the early days of the Bedfordshire Drama Festival held annually at Haynes Village Hall where he assisted the resident team in the technical department with all entering groups, not only with Wilstead Players.  He could be relied upon to keep us well equipped and always had an eye for a bargain when lighting equipment became available.

He oversaw the recent updating of our lighting at the Hall and was working on our latest production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when it had to be postponed owing to the Coronavirus outbreak that so sadly took his life.

He will be greatly missed.

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